5 Things You Can Do For Free To Increase Sales

In today’s economy, and with the search engines behaving erratically, most businesses find their sales plummeting and virtually all are looking for ways to increase sales and their bottom line. While most information you will find on how to increase sales involves the purchase of items or goods to complete the task, we thought it would be nice to show you 5 free things you can do to make a difference to your business and your profits.

1. Market to Existing Customers 
The number one thing you can do to increase sales is to market to your existing customer base. Not only have these people already been sold on your company and services, but they often take much less time to make a decision as you already know who the decision maker is, have a relationship with them, and can contact that individual directly to talk about what you have to offer them candidly. This coupled with the points outlined here can have a major impact.

2. Upsell and Cross Sell 
Upselling and cross selling can have a direct and immediate impact on your sales and bottom line. Try offering potential customers options and upgrades to your products and services so that they can have the opportunity to buy more. McDonalds added hundreds of millions of dollars to their profit by asking the famous question “Would you like fries with that?”

  • Hone your sales copy and technique
    Let’s face it. Most people totally bomb when it comes to sales pitches and most websites do the same with their sales copy. They do this not knowing that their sales script could be much better and that they could be closing more sales every day.

The action item here is to read a book or go online to look at ways to improve your sales pitch and website copy. There are little things that can make a big difference and can be implemented with no cost or major time involvement that will increase your conversion rate dramatically.

3. Increase Conversion Rate 
This is where we make more from what we already have. Converting more visitors or potential customers into actual paying customers is a sure fire way to add profit. Conversion can be optimized in several areas such as on your website and in your sales presentations. This is right in line with honing your sales copy and technique, and often the two go hand in hand. The real key here is to always keep your potential customer’s eyes on the prize. Don’t obscure what you have to offer with too many facts and figures. Keeping things as simple and clear cut as possible almost always prevails over being too detailed. Here is a great article on how to increase conversions on your website in 45 minutes.

4. Offer Trust Elements and Guarantees 
One thing we are asked over and over in the web design business is “What kind of guarantee do I have that I will be happy with your service?” If your company can offer a guarantee, then this needs to be implemented immediately. Guarantees set peoples mind at ease during the sales process, and they are often less analytical about all the details that are involved because they are confident that they will be satisfied. This coupled with other trust elements such as your better business bureau seal, security seals, or even causes your company supports, such as wounded warrior and breast cancer ribbons, can have a major impact as to the way your company is viewed. Now you are not only making promises, but are backing them up with 3rd party confirmation that you are indeed a trustworthy and reputable company. This will definitely make a huge difference in your bottom line and your conversion rates as discussed above.

With these 5 things in mind you should be moving forward with implementing these suggestions immediately. These things only take some time and are totally free. So what are you waiting for? Get to work and start making more sales and profit today!