How To Get Primo Images for Your Business Website (Design)


Just because it is important for it to be user friendly, doesn’t mean your business website can’t be fashionable as well! No website is complete until it has sharp images that convey your message to your customer. The question remains, however- where do I get great images that will help me have the best web design possible?

Access to great images can be one of the best website design tools you have. Based on your budget, and resources, there are several options available to you for getting high-quality, relevant images:

venice grand canal1. Use your own. This is the most cost effective option. Typically, small businesses with very little find the most value in this approach. However, if you own, or have access to, a high-quality camera then the sky is the limit to what you can produce! Pictures of storefronts, product shots, and general scenery/photos can be used to really add a level of interest and excitement to your webstore. While this can be the most challenging option as well, you have absolute freedom to get the exact image that you want- if you can get it. This can also require a fair amount of props and possibly actors, so be realistic about what you are capable of producing when you choose this method.
Hot Tip: Local businesses can often benefit from this because they can feature friendly neighborhood faces, which drives up the trust level for other local potential customers.

2. Use Open Source Images. This is the next best thing to stock photography- except it is free! There are many photography sharing sites that allow you to use their images, typically indicated by an open source license. You have to be careful with this- using someone else’s copyright images can get you in some hot water. Make sure you always give credit to the photographer, and often a link to the original posting is often required in the open source licensing. There are different levels of open source- some can be used by anyone, anytime, for anything. Others can only be used on non-commercial sites, meaning you can’t be making any profit from the site that you showcase their image on. Some again have full restriction, which really means that all you can do is appreciate the quality/beauty and keep looking.
Hot Tip:When using Flickr, you can use the advanced search to only show images that have a commercial use license, meaning you can use them on sites that sell things.
3. Buy Stock Photography. This is one of the most popular options. It can save you a ton of time over producing your own, and is relatively inexpensive. There are many websites that allow you to purchase license to use images, graphics, and photos that others have created. Often, you will purchase a single use license. This means that you can only use the image in one location. This also means that other people can also use that same image. You can also purchase exclusive license to the images, meaning you own all rights to that image, and can use it as many times in as many ways as you want, but this is not often worth the hefty pricetag. Another thing to pay attention to is the size of the image- many sites charge different amounts for different size images. For web use, you will not often need really large images, but may want to splurge on the higher quality ones if you have plans to use them in print communications as well.
Hot Tip: is a great site that allows you to purchase subscriptions- this means that you can buy different packages that allow you to download a set number of images each day, of any size!

4. Commission your own. While this is often the most expensive way to go, there are times when this is the only way to go. If you are the manufacturer of a new/unique product, this is going to be the best way to get high quality images that will truly sell your product. This can also be done for graphic design services. Graphic designers can often be contacted through stock photography sites, so if you see a style that you like, but not quite what you are looking for, you can message the designer and request that they make you a custom image to your specs. Pricing can vary greatly on this, as it is simply what the designer wants to charge you.
Hot Tip: We have gotten some amazing results from for some of our sites. There are different packages to choose from, and it was definitely worth the expense for us.Whatever you choose, make sure your images are crisp, clear, and leave your customers with the impression that you want to make. Your web page design can finally speak for itself, when your images do the talking.