What Should I Name My Business?

When considering business names, careful thought and planning can make all the difference between a good business name and a great one.

Young Entrepreneurs- Kids with Skills

The younger generation doesn’t sit around waiting for the next big thing to happen, they create it themselves. And, this doesn’t just involve the internet; we seem to have bred a generation of wiz-kids. Meet 3 whiz kids who have become young millionaires through hard work and innovation.

5 Things You Can Do For Free To Increase Sales

In today’s economy, and with the search engines behaving erratically, most businesses find their sales plummeting and virtually all are looking for ways to increase sales and their bottom line. While most information you will find on how to increase sales involves the purchase of items or goods to complete the task, we thought it would be nice to show you 5 free things you can do to make a difference to your business and your profits.