Website Design

Is Your Website Sales Ready?

  Your website is typically one of the first impressions you have to make on potential new customers. Starting off on the right foot is crucial to getting a maximum return on your investment. Think of your website as a virtual salesperson. It’s primary role is to give your customers the information that they need read more

Understanding Roles in Website Design

One of the scariest things about moving forward with a website design project is uncertainty over the process. You may have had a bad experience in the past, or may have no experience at all in ordering these types of services, which can leave you with questions about what to expect. Here at Discount Web read more

Mobile Websites Made Easy

The Future is Now In 2008, a prediction was made that by 2015 more people would be accessing the internet via mobile devices than on traditional desktop computers. That prediction has come true! And with it has come a flurry of panic as those who were not prepared are feeling the impact of lower search read more

Top 7 Things To Know Before Starting A Web Design Project

  If you are thinking about launching a website, or revamping an old one, getting the work you need done quickly and effectively can often be a challenge. Before you can expect a designer to be able to create exactly what you are looking for, it is important for you to first know  what you read more

How To Get Primo Images for Your Business Website (Design)

Just because it is important for it to be user friendly, doesn’t mean your web page design can’t be fashionable as well! No website is complete until it has sharp images that convey your message to your customer. The question remains, however- where do I get great images that will help me have the best web design possible?