Mobile Websites Made Easy

The Future is Now

In 2008, a prediction was made that by 2015 more people would be accessing the internet via mobile devices than on traditional desktop computers.

That prediction has come true! And with it has come a flurry of panic as those who were not prepared are feeling the impact of lower search rankings, less traffic, and fewer conversions.

Back in April, Google changed the way that it displays search results on mobile devices. Those with mobile friendly pages are now getting preferential display in search rankings over those without mobile friendly sites.

Are You Ready For It?

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This means that if you do not have a mobile friendly site, you are essentially missing out on over half of the web traffic that you could be getting! This is a problem, and one that requires immediate attention.

Many designers will tell you that you not only need a standard website, but also will need to have a mobile website created separately. While this does solve your problem, it also greatly increases the cost of your project.

You Have Options!

There is an easier (and cheaper) way!

All of the website designs done by Discount Web Designer are responsive. A responsive website design is one that detects screen size and adjusts the layout of your website automatically to best suit the device your viewer is using.responsive-design-extenstion

This not only makes it much easier to get on the mobile bandwagon, it also means that consistency of design and user functionality is identical across platforms. If a user visits your website on a standard desktop computer, they will have the same experience as when they visit it on mobile.  

The best part of all of this is that you don’t have to get a separate website created just for mobile use! That means that your development time and cost is practically cut in half. So not only will you get exactly what you need at a lower price, it will also be done much more quickly.

What Does Google Think About Mobile Design?

Not only that, Google agrees that responsive websites are a better solution than separate mobile sites!

Because a separate mobile site is viewed by Google as a completely different website from your main site, there needs to be a lot of consideration given to the content posted and linking performed. By having a separate mobile domain, you are actually competing with yourself rather than focusing all of your efforts into one website.

That means that your content needs to be unique for each site, or you will be penalized by Google for duplicate content (a big no-no!). Using the same content will devalue both of your sites, and negatively impact your search rankings for BOTH websites!responsive-design-content

Managing your search rankings also becomes much more difficult all around because now you have to focus on building links for 2 different websites, rather than just 1. Link power is not shared between mobile and traditional websites since they have different domain names. This means that search optimization efforts have to be done for each site individually, and you will most likely end up doing twice the work, or paying double if an outside agency is handling your SEO.responsive-design-seo

Planning for the Future

Responsive designs are also beneficial from a forward-thinking standpoint. As new phones and browsers arrive on the market (which is happening almost daily) a mobile site may need reworking to maintain it’s look and feel across these different platforms. That means shelling out additional dollars for updates and upgrades, again and again.
With a responsive design, you will not need any future programming as the device itself does the work of adjusting the layout according to the screen size and orientation of that device. This means that a responsive design is much less expensive in maintenance than a mobile version.responsive-design-future

Even if you already have a standard website and are just looking for a mobile version, it may actually cost you less in the long-term to have your main website redesigned as a responsive website than to have a mobile only version created. Your continued website maintenance, as far as content creation and search engine optimization efforts go, will essentially be cut in half, and you won’t have the unexpected cost of upgrades for new devices.

We Can Help!

So invest in your future today with a responsive website design by Discount Web Designer. Just contact us through the form, or call us at (800) 243-2077. We would love to talk to you about your options and find the right solution for your business needs.responsive-design