Professional Web Design – Logo Design

When designing a logo for your company, you will need to consider how it fits into your overall business web design.

First, think about some components of your business. Logo design often includes some element that is recognizable to your audience – such as a house for a builder or a dog silhouette for a vet.

Yet, a logo doesn’t necessarily need to show what a company does. For instance: A dentist’s logo doesn’t need to show a smile, and a painting company doesn’t need to show a paint brush. Look at logos like Nike and Toyota – both are memorable, yet neither reveals what their product is.

mmwm-logoThe best website designers know that a logo is intended to set you apart and make you easily identifiable to current and prospective customers. A good business logo design should project a sense of professionalism and reliability to help people form trust in your business. Know what you want people to think or feel the first time they come to your site and see your branding. Do you want them to perceive your company as fun, serious, playful or no nonsense?

When choosing a font, there are a few things to keep in mind. Most notably is the number of different fonts in your logo. We all know the number of available fonts grows daily, but using too many different fonts in your design, can make your logo lose coherence. The best website designers choose to use no more than two fonts in a logo.A certain amount of psychology can go into a normal logo design.  Different images and colors are known to inflict different feelings or reactions in people.  The color red for instance will stimulate appetite, but is still considered an intense and angry color that creates feelings of intensity, excitement and sexuality. When using Blue, you can project a sense of belonging and community. Many of these tactics as used in the best creative website design can be used in your logo design.

Again, with thousands of fonts to choose from it’s easy to be sucked in, but script style fonts can be difficult to read no matter what size they are, while complicated fonts can become illegible when too small.

You will also want to stay away from over used and fad fonts. Stay as unique as you can while not becoming dated in a year because you chose to use the latest and greatest.

Lastly, bring it all together. Your image, your text and your colors should lend themselves to each other based on the brand you are trying to project. What will your logo say about your company, how will the logo fit with the style and professionalism you are trying to convey to your end user. And most importantly, what level of excellence will you see when you view your logo?

The parts that make up the design are ultimately up to you, and what you are trying to convey to potential customer or client. If you keep that in mind, and find a way to reflect what your company’s image is to you, then you can design that logo yourself! Visit our logo design portfolio to get inspired!