Website Design with the Decision Maker in Mind

When it comes to running a successful business website, one of the first things you need to understand is that the customer is the decision maker!and this is what makes acquiring customer feedback and an insight into the customer’s mind. Customers have an opinion about every service that you have or have not offered to them, and knowing what the customer thinks is paramount if you want to run a successful business web site.


Questionnaires are a terrific way to persuade the customers to answer queries about what works for them and what doesn’t. At the end of the day, the customer is the decision maker because the power of agreeing to buy lies with the customer. The customer will tell you exactly what he/she wants if you can ask them the right questions. While framing questionnaires, always remember that a long and winding question results in a short and uninformative answer. Keep your questions short and precise so that the customer tells you how to make your business better.


 Heat Maps

Questionnaires are a fabulous solution, particularly for website design related questions and other choices that you need to make in your business but the success of questionnaires depend on whether the customer is cognizant of his/her wants and needs. Often, a customer knows that something is missing on your web site, website design, or checkout process but they may not be able to put it into constructive words. Even in such a situation, the customer is the decision maker, only now, you will need to know the customer’s mindset and preferences without them telling you. There is an easy enough way to do this with the help of website analytics like heat

Essentially, heat maps are tools to recognize exactly what users do on your web site, how long they stay at a particular place, where do they stop, how often they click specific buttons, and so on. As the name of the tool suggests, heat maps allow you to visually recognize what is hot and what is not which help you make the required changes to increase conversion and tip the hand of the decision maker – the customer. Specific tools such as scroll maps will also allow you to see how far the customer reads into your web site and exactly where they lose interest and you can use this information to change your website design to make it more attractive to the customers at those specific locations.

Improving Your Website

Many online businesses and website owners opt for a feedback form on the ‘Thank you for making the payment.’ page or a new form of feedback called a Comment Card which allows the decision maker to click a small comment card that is integrated on every page of the website design to leave comments and suggestions. Use your business acumen- but let your customers dictate your business choices, and your bottom line will see a crescendo of positive results. You will have reached a higher plateau based on your dedication and prudent efforts.